Qooco is PASSIONATE about how children learn English. Which is why we are the leading SaaS provider for language learning.

Do you run a classroom-based school or tuition center? Learn how you can be more effective and profitable by adding Qooco to your operation.

Qooco is a cutting-edge SaaS-driven solution that empowers traditional English language schools to offer a modern blended learning approach. Contact us to find out more.

Qooco in Numbers

B2B clients and tens of thousands of learners

minutes of AI data and the world’s largest portfolio of speech interactive learning


of students achieve an A or B grade

global family

No personalization and low frequency: a lack of daily practice is much less effective

Low engagement and low “fun factor”

Low technology means no performance data, no AI, no analytics

Expensive, not easily scalable

Traditional classrooms alone do not work

Classrooms alone = an approach proven to work poorly for spoken English

What is Qooco?

Physical + Remote-based Digital Learning
An Engaging Experience

  • Qooco is a cutting-edge SaaS solution that empowers schools and tuition centers to adopt a modern, blended approach to English language learning
  • Students can access Qooco in their school or tuition center, as well as remotely on-demand on their devices
  • Schools and tuition centers powered by Qooco become more profitable and effective
  • Qooco delivers an extremely engaging experience, which provides consistently high results

Qooco App

Qooco students can study anywhere and at their own pace 

Qooco-Empowered Learning Spaces

Personalized coaching and group activities at their school or tuition center

Professional US Teachers

Access to US-based professional teachers, who provide 1:1 learning sessions

Our Students Benefit From:


Weekly 10 minutes of personalized coaching at their school or tuition center, tailored around the student’s past progress.


15 minutes of daily remote learning at their own pace and at a time that suits them.


Access to US-based teachers on-demand, to further underpin their language learning.

Proven Student Results

Our results speak for themselves. Students achieve far superior grades with Qooco’s approach, compared with our competitors’ methods.

Qooco works closely with educational experts to bring innovation into language learning. This includes collaboration with experts from leading universities:


In today’s global economy, the ability to speak a second language, particularly English, has never been more important.

Qooco makes learning English fun for kids and adults alike!

Source: Trinity College London GESE Results