Who is Qooco Suited to?

In the spirit of lifelong learning, Qooco is designed anyone from 3 years old to as long as you have got the appetite to learn. Most Qooco Clubs are focused on children 3-12 years old, as well as adults who would like to learn English or Mandarin to advance their careers or just to learn a new skill.

We teach both spoken English and Mandarin and our Mandarin curriculum is designed to reflect Singapore’s Ministry of Education guidelines.

Engaging and Interactive Experience

Students benefit greatly from the different levels of interaction, both at the physical Qooco Clubs and in the comfort of their own home, or while they are out and about, as they are able to access their learning whenever they wish.

The Qooco Clubs are where our students visit weekly to get personal coaching and share and practice what they have learned. At the Qooco Club, the students’ ability to listen, speak, read and write are further reinforced through a role-playing curriculum, designed by experts to help students learn with confidence in a social context.

Our students benefit from the following at the Qooco Clubs and at home:

At the Qooco Club, students have access to:

  • Weekly 10-minute personalized coaching sessions based on daily student data
  • Group activities to prepare for the subsequent week’s lessons
  • Short performance, which is recorded and shared with parents
  • Test preparation and coaching
  • Social and emotional learning
  • Special events

At home, students are able to:

  • Practice 10-15 minutes daily at their own pace and at a time which suits them
  • Access US teacher-on-demand sessions, which are 20 minutes long