Qooco Ecosystem

Despite the thousands of hours and dollars parents and students pour into language schools, successfully learning a second language has always been an uphill struggle; but Qooco’s platform is changing that.

By harnessing the power of mobile, Artificial Intelligence (AI), voice technologies, big data and Qooco’s ecosystem, Qooco’s learning apps are transforming the way people learn languages; delivering much greater results in far less time.

Qooco’s ecosystem consists of:

  • Proprietary voice-interactive apps used daily for high frequency practice and timely feedback and big data used in Qooco’s AI.
  • A platform with over 10k 100% certified professional US teachers for remote sessions.
  • Franchised Qooco Clubs and Coaches to drive scale, engagement, student retention, pricing, social and emotional learning, confidence, fun, community and trust.
  • World’s leading independent spoken English assessment organization for Quality Assurance.

Our Approach

Qooco’s approach to learning revolves around the following key principles:

  • Short Effective Lessons – Studies shows that language learners best acquire knowledge and skills in short sessions. As such, all Qooco sessions are designed to be 15 minutes long to maximize learning retention. 
  • Frequency of Practice – Unlike a school, Qooco is available 24/7 so students can learn anytime anywhere. By learning in daily short intense bursts, it is habit-forming, so the learning sticks.
  • Personalized – Powered by AI and advanced linguistic technologies, Qooco’s learning paths are tailored to the progress of every student.
  • Hi-touch – Qooco has a network of 10k certified professional teachers in the US who provide one-to-one online teaching, as well as local coaches who ensure students practice and get timely, actionable feedback.
  • Diagnostics – Our big data allows teachers and parents to track and monitor the student’s progress in real time, allowing for timely intervention. The exact opposite of traditional tuition centres.
  • Immersive Experience – Gone are the days where learning a language is tedious and difficult. Our courses are designed to be engaging and fun!
  • Affordable – We engineered the Qooco system to be affordable. Depending on the region, it is anywhere from 40-60% cheaper than traditional language schools but with far greater results.


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