"Learning a language is
a treasure that will follow
its owner everywhere"

Welcome to Qooco

At Qooco, our team is a group of learning and technology experts from around the world with a passion for improving the way students learn and develop their language skills through the use of innovative mobile and speech recognition technology.

With our anywhere, anytime learning solutions, we are empowering language learners around the world to develop the confidence and skills to speak English and Mandarin.

David Topolewski

CEO & Mobile
Learning Evangelist

Peter Downs

Chief Financial Officer

Wynee Sade

Chief Marketing Officer

Robert Brown

Vice President of Sales

Our Satisfied Clients

At Qooco, we believe that skills development and language learning should be fun, interactive, and flexible. We want our users to be actively engaged, so our lessons are designed to have students speaking as much as possible. We also believe strongly in the mobility technology allows users to have. Learning is no longer limited to a classroom, but can be done anywhere-in your home, school or even in transit.