• Qooco Talk

    Your English Learning Partner

  • Qooco Talk

    Your English Learning Partner

Improve your
confidence and skills

in speaking and understanding
English and Mandarin. Qooco offers
mobile solutions for all students
at all levels to master language learning
in a fun and engaging way.

Throw away
your language textbooks

Learning a language will never be the same. Qooco provides mobile language learning solutions for students at all levels of education.

Through advanced neurolinguistic techniques coupled with powerful speech recognition technology, Qooco allows students to learn languages and skills anywhere, anytime with better results and lower costs than other traditional methods.


students trained


hours studied

Qooco's holistic solution promotes
greater student engagement
and allows accurate performance
measurement and real-time feedback.

  • Measurable
    You can't manage what you can't measure.
    Our reporting system provides detailed
    reports on all activities.
    Our Cloud technology captures all activities
    from all users, everywhere, to help teachers
    and students improve.
    Everybody, everywhere can access
    the internet from their smart phone,
    from somewhere nearby.
    With the push of one button,
    we can train millions, in a uniform and
    measurable way. This ensures equal access
    to quality education for all students,
    anytime, anywhere.
  • Convenient
    A smart phone is always an arm's length away.
    Critical to drive frequency of practice,
    the most important process in spoken
    language learning.
    (No excuse not to learn!)
    They grew up with technology,
    so they respond to technology,
    not text books and blackboards.
    Helps teachers and decision makers base
    future decisions on facts, not emotions.
    Mobile technology has proven to be up to 5 times
    more effective than traditional classroom method.