Why Join The Qooco Family?

  1. Learning a second (or third) language has never been more important in today’s globalized world.
  2. There is a huge and growing middle class in South East Asia who are determined to give their children (and themselves) the best opportunity possible – and a second language is a large part of that.
  3. The combination of voice technology, AI and mobile computing that makes learning languages easier than ever before.
  4. A population who are expert in using their mobile phones to learn and grow.

Qooco sits at the intersection of all of these factors offering potential franchisees a unique opportunity.

Superior Results

Following the great success in China, where Qooco has become one of the fastest growing education business in the country, it is bringing that approach to South East Asia and is currently expanding to countries such as; Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore.

To measure our effectiveness, we partner with Trinity College London who measure the performance of Qooco students vs. typical students in their GCSE grades. Qooco students consistently outperform others in these areas with 95% of Qooco students getting A’s and B’s; a level only achieved by 20% of traditional school students.

What does this mean for your business?

  • The efficacy of our learning method translates into high student retention and satisfaction, as well as trust.
  • Trust in-turn drives referrals and cross-selling, as well as overall customer acquisition.