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Qooco Hospitality Announces Major Partnership with Guangzhou Hotels Association

November 15, 2015

3.-Guangzhou-Hotel-Association-300x225-300x225Qooco’s mobile language learning solutions to be distributed to 120 hotels throughout Guangzhou.

Qooco Hospitality and the Guangzhou Hotels Association have entered into a partnership that will launch Qooco’s mobile English language learning solution with 120 affiliated hotels in Guangzhou. The partnership seeks to improve the language and customer service skills of hospitality staff, more efficiently and at lower cost.

‘We speak with our members on a regular basis, and we can say with confidence that only one in ten are satisfied with the current English language training that they receive’ says Marshell Ke XianDong, Director, Division Vocation of Training & Guidance, Guangzhou Hotels Association, continuing ‘by partnering with Qooco, we are applying proven mobile technology to language learning. There will be no need for our members to spend on teachers, teaching aids or classrooms. Instead, they can improve the language and service skills of their associates anytime, anywhere – benefitting their own bottom lines through cost savings and higher guest satisfaction and retention.This is very much in line with our mission to improve service and management standards throughout Guangzhou’.

Qooco will be providing the Qooco Voice app, a language learning mobile solution that provides department-specific courses and tuition in English language. The app teaches vocabulary that is relevant to the hospitality industry – from Kitchen and Housekeeping to Spa and Engineering – and trains users to handle real-life hospitality situations in English, allowing them to deliver consistent, high-quality service to their guests.

‘Traditional, classroom-based language learning is not effective for the hospitality industry for cost, consistency and quality reasons’ adds David Topolewski, CEO of Qooco, continuing ‘Guangzhou Hotels Association member hotels employ many young people who are more used to reading and learning from a mobile phone than they are from books, so mobile learning is significantly more effective and beneficial. Furthermore, the cost of Qooco’s solutions are much lower than traditional methods, and deliver superior results. With one subscription, hotel companies are able to train multiple employees consistently, while managers are able to track progress and measure results’.

The Guangzhou Hotels Association will roll out a one-year test phase of the Qooco Voice app to 120 of its member hotels, which include Grand Hyatt Guangzhou, Shangri-la Hotel, Guangzhou, The Garden Hotel, Baiyun Hotel Guangzhou and The Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou. After the initial test phase, the number of member hotels using the app will then increase further.

About Qooco

Qooco provides mobile language learning and vocational training solutions for employees in the hospitality and service industries. Through the most advanced neurolinguistic techniques and pedagogies and powerful speech recognition technology, Qooco allows associates to learn languages and service skills anywhere, anytime, more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before – improving customer service and increasing revenues. Qooco’s holistic solution promotes greater workforce engagement, allows accurate performance measurement and real-time feedback. Qooco’s suite of products include: Qooco Voice, Qooco Upsell, Qooco Link, Qooco Core and Qooco Pro.

About Guangzhou Hotels Association

The Guangzhou Hotels Association was founded in May 1988. For over 27 years, the Association has welcomed hundreds of hotels as members throughout Guangzhou, from small family-owned properties to major international brands. The Association promotes the interests of its members in front of the local and national government, communicating key issues and ideas that are important to the development of the industry in Guangzhou. The Association also works to improve overall standards of the industry, through a star evaluation system, management training, lectures, seminars, newsletters, networking events and meetings among other initiatives. The Association is led by the Executive Association President, who serves a four-year term and is voted in by the Association Directors, made up of the member hotel General Managers. For more information on the Guangzhou Hotels Association, please visit: www.gzha.com.